The department offers diploma in Computer Science with specialization in Computer Science and Engineering.

Department Goals

1. The department will provide high quality education in computer science by enhancing teaching effectiveness to keep the program current with the rapidly changing computer technology and providing equipment/facilities for students to access and gain practical experience.
2. The department will provide effective academic advising to promote student learning and development outcomes and achievement of educational goals.

Semester wise Subjects

1st Communication in English-I, Mathematics-I, Applied Physics-I, Chemistry-I,Engineering Drawing, B.W.P
2nd Communication in English-II,Mathematics-II, Applied Physics-II,Chemistry-II, Engineering Mechanics, B.W.P
3rd Computer Application & Programming, Engineering Economics & Accountancy, Elements of Electrical Engineering, Computer Architecture & Organization, Elements of Multimedia, Mathematics-III
4th Computer Hardware & Networking, Microprocessor and Interfacing, System Programming, Advance C & C++, Data Structure, Digital Electronics
5th Data Base Management System, Internet & Web Technology, Computer Communication & Networking, Java programming, Operating System, Visual Programming
6th Industrial Management & Entrepreneurship , Cryptography and Network Security, Mobile Computing, Artificial Intelligence, Software Engineering